Suzanne Phillips

ROME -- A new clinic Centre called DREAM (Drug Resource Enhancement Against AIDS and Malnutrition) has been opened by the Sant'Egidio community in Kinshasa, providing a new source of hope in the fight against the HIV pandemic, the community has announced. The clinic is the result of "a collaboration signed by the Community of Sant’Egidio with the Congolese Health Ministry, which has agreed to provide the necessary treatment drugs," the community said in a statement.

19 Jul 2011
Gemma Lynch


ROME -- Ara Pacis is an ancient altar of peace which is conversely housed in a modern Guggenheimesque building, it represents ancient Rome in the modern world.

15 Jul 2011
Shelly Kittleson

KABUL -- The Esteqlal hospital has seen much in its days. On Darulaman Road near a number of government ministries and a once royal palace, it was flooded with the injured on May 18 last year when I was in the capital: a suicide bombing the Taliban rushed to claim credit for which killed 5 American soldiers, one Canadian and 12 Afghan civilians. Initially funded by the International Committee of the Red Cross, since 2003 the hospital has been receiving funding from the Italian Cooperation, which has channelled it through government ministries since late last year.

8 Jul 2011
Shelly Kittleson

KABUL -- Afghan press service alerts initially spoke of an ‘American’ beaten to death in the Panjshir Valley on June 3 after he opened fire on a local. Later it was found that the man killed was actually an Italian anti-narcotics agent. Reports in the Italian media claimed that the Carabiniere had ‘’died defending an American woman’’.

27 Jun 2011
Philip Willan

ROME -- With competition from the monuments of Ancient and Christian Rome, it is not surprising that few tourists find time to visit the capital’s Museum of the Liberation in Via Tasso.

Used by the Gestapo as a prison for Resistance fighters and political prisoners during World War II, some of its cramped, windowless cells still bear the graffiti scratched by wartime inmates.

24 Jun 2011
Gemma Lynch

ROME -- The British Minister for Europe, David Lidington, took up the issue of Italian universities' shameful, discriminatory treatment of UK lecturers this week during a meeting he had with the Italian Foreign Minister, Franco Frattini, officials said. Diplomatic sources described the talks as "encouraging." Mr Lidington has on previous occasions stated that the British government was taking the matter very seriously, describing the treatment of foreign lecturers in the peninsula as "unacceptable," but until now the concern did not appear to be shared by Italian officials.

23 Jun 2011
Philippa Malicka

OSTUNI--Rising in shimmering white out of a lone hill, towering over miles of Apulian olive plains and gazing across the Adriatic lies this dazzling city, otherwise known as ‘La Citta Bianca’ or ‘The Queen of Olives.’  A city deserving of its regal title, the hill top buildings are still fortified and overlook many ancient masserias, farm houses which have also retained their fort-like structures, protecting against raiders from the sea.

15 Jun 2011

ROME -- A 12thcentury ivory crucifix, known as the “Canosa Cross”, that vanished from the Cathedral of Sabina in Apulia in the 1960s was eventually traced to an antique dealer in Paris in 2009, while in 1995 a lightning operation by Italy's Guardia di Finanza (customs and fiscal police) succeeded, in only four days, in tracking down a “Madonna col Bambino e San Giovannino” by the school of Giovanni Bellini, stolen from the Vatican.

13 Jun 2011
Insider reporters

ROME — Italian magistrates have shelved criminal proceedings in connection with the death of respected Belgian foreign correspondent Federic Hacourt at the Fate BeneFratelli hospital on Rome’s island on the Tiber, judicial sources say.

3 Jun 2011