ROME–Inter Press Service’s quest for a new “director general” succeeding Mario Lubetkin at the radical organ raises questions over autocratic management under failed politician Giovanni Spinelli, media sources say.

12 Jan 2014
Gianfranco Nitti

ROME-More than 5 million people visited the Vatican Museums in 2013, underlining the appeal of Pope Francis, the museums director says.  

9 Jan 2014

ROME- Australians and New Zealanders are sometimes struck by a sense of inadequacy in Europe- Compared to antecedents in Ireland, Britain and Italy, our history is short and our cultural legacy still stretching its wings.

8 Jan 2014
Insider reporters

ROME–FAO chief medical officer Cedric Dumont has been reprimanded for offering potentially suicidal staff at the UN agency a course on “managing stress in a changing workplace,” FAO sources say.

7 Jan 2014

ROME–FAO has hired Brazil`s controversial former agrarian reform guru Rolf Hackbart to head the UN agency`s partnership division in  yet another nepotistic top appointment, FAO sources say.

  Hackbart was removed in 2011 from his job as head of Brazil`s Institute of Colonization and Agrarian Reform Incra after a corruption probe and evidence that illegal logging had skyrocketed on land that belonged to the state agency that distributes land to the dispossessed.

1 Jan 2014

ROME--IPS executives strongly deny their director general has become rich from heading the news agency but have stopped short of explaining his luxurious lifestyle, according to IPS insiders.

  In a letter to Italian Insider Friday the Executive Committee of the IPS board said Mario Lubetkin, who recently resigned from his post as "director general" of the news agency and NGO in order to head up the Un FOod and Agriculture Organisation's Communication Division, had not had a salary increase since taking the helm of IPS in 2002.

27 Dec 2013

ROME–FAO watchers have urged a review of procedures used to appoint Mario Lubetkin as Communications chief at the UN agency, the latest in a series of unorthodox hirings in the FAO's media division.

 “What kind of CV did Lubetkin introduce to FAO to apply for a D2 job?” an IPS source asked. “He has no formal education beyond a couple of years in high school back in Uruguay. His IPS corporate profile (http://www.ips.org) says he is a professional journalist, international expert in communications and an academician.”

22 Dec 2013
Insider reporters

ROME – World Bank flak Sergio Jellinek has been chosen to head the troubled IPS agency in Rome amid speculation IPSTV will be refinanced by Argentinian entrepreneur Jose Luis Manzano, media sources say.

20 Dec 2013

ROME – As IPS agency chief Mario Lubetkin prepares to head FAO’s byzantine communications division, Italy has pledged dlrs 250,000 to the UN agency  to commission articles from IPS about Expo Milano 2015.

20 Dec 2013