ROME - May 2013 – Roadworks in Via Bruno Bruni blow vapour from the burning asphalt, in front of me walks a slender mulatta wearing a summer dress. When she turns her head, I spot a bruised lip and a scarred nose. Yes! It is her.

 The girl signs at me. I nod. She takes me to a building around the corner. Letterboxes at the entrance carry Portuguese names.

19 Nov 2014
Patrick Browne

TURIN - “Too much too soon” was the verdict of the WWF after a ten day conference held in Genoa by ICCAT (International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas) concluded yesterday. 

 ICCAT has regulated trade in tuna since 1969 and at the end of their latest annual meeting the commission decided to raise current TAC quotas (Total Allowable Catch) of Atlantic Bluefin Tuna by 20 percent each year for the next three years. A decision which has angered conservationist groups worldwide.

18 Nov 2014
Marta Lopez

LONDON - The renowned Frescobaldi family of Florence has opened its first international restaurant in Mayfair.

 With restaurants in Florence and Rome, the Frescobaldi family, one of the most respected wine dynasties in Italy, has launched its first international restaurant this November. For those thinking about visiting the British capital this autumn, don’t miss the chance to try true Florentine flavours in the heart of London.

18 Nov 2014
 ROME -Italy is sending Tornado jet fighters to join forces fighting ISIS but Defence Minister Roberta Pinotti says the warplanes are "forbidden from bombing," defence ministry sources say.
 Pinotti set off a storm among opposition MPs when she disclosed in an interview with la Stampa newspaper the plan to send four Tornados to Kuwait for "advanced reconnaissance" duties in Iraq and Syria together with 100 Italian Air Force personnel. "Pinotti is dragging us into war," said the opposition M5S party.
17 Nov 2014
Desmond O'Grady

ROME - A New Yorker who graduated in political science, Sari Gilbert seemed headed for academia but in 1972 a research grant brought her to Rome and a career with The Washington Post and Newsweek.

 In 1991 she became a staff member of a new Italian daily L’Indipendente then, when it died an early death, transferred to the financial daily Il Sole 24 Ore.  She captures the excitement, satisfactions, camaraderie, jealousies and frustrations of working as a journalist hired in Rome rather than a correspondent sent from the head office.  

17 Nov 2014

LONDON – British student Serena Bowes, 21, may be tried in absentia after refusing to return to Florence to face allegations that she fabricated an accusation of rape on a college trip to Tuscany.

 The alleged assault took place in a nightclub on the Via della Vigna Vecchia in central Florence where Miss Bowes claims she was forced into a unisex toilet cubicle and raped. The Italian authorities have dismissed the claim based on CCTV video footage which reportedly shows Miss Bowes leaving the toilets in the company of her alleged assailant.

17 Nov 2014
Hannah McIntyre

VATICAN CITY- Homeless people sleeping rough near the walls of Saint Peter’s are to have access to showers by Pope Francis’ order.

14 Nov 2014

ROME – Italian authorities have appealed to place former US envoy Steve Pieczenik under investigation for alleged complicity in the 1978 kidnap and murder of former Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro.

Italian prosecutors in Rome have recently alleged that there is “serious evidence” which heavily implicates Mr. Pieczenik in the murder of the former Prime Minister, but they remained vague as to what exactly the new evidence is.

13 Nov 2014
Patrick Browne

TURIN – “Bitter Remedy”, Conor Fitzgerald’s fifth book featuring Italian/American police commissioner Alec Blume, opens with Alec in a bad way.

 His frayed relationship with Catterina Mattiola, the recent birth of his son, problems with his new apartment and the demands of work have all taken their toll on Blume. Instructed by doctors to take a break, he books himself onto a new-age course in Bach flower remedies and heads off to Tuscany for some unlikely peace and quiet.

12 Nov 2014