ROME -Italian politicians across the spectrum expressed outrage over the Charlie Hebdo terror attack Wednesday as police in Rome stepped up security at media offices and sensitive potential targets.   

7 Jan 2015

ROME - Government inspectors were expected at the Campidoglio Monday in a crackdown on hundreds of municipal police who went sick on New Year's Eve.

 The inspectors from the Civil Service ministry were dispatched by public function minister Marianna Madia to interrogate the absenteeist agents as Italian Premier Matteo Renzi called for seriousness and quipped the police officers' mass sickness was unusual for "a country where people are cured of Ebola".

5 Jan 2015
VATICAN CITY -- Pope Francis said Sunday he is creating 15 new cardinals from 14 countries in a move that may influence the choice of his successor to lead the Catholic Church.
Of the new cardinals to be formally appointed at a consistory in the Vatican next month only one, French Archbiship Dominique Mamberti, is a member of the Curia, the central government of the Church, evidently confirming the pope's intention to reduce the power of the traditionally conservative church bureaucracy.
4 Jan 2015
 ROME -- Hundreds of Syrians finished disembarking Saturday from the "ghost" freighter Ezadee as officials pondered how to counter traffickers using ruthless new tactics to dispatch human cargoes to western shores.
 In all 360 people including 54 women and 74 minors left the vessel at the port of Corigliano Calabro after Italian authorities boarded the ship Thursday to find it had been abandoned by its crew of people smugglers.
3 Jan 2015
 BRINDISI-The Norman Atlantic docked Friday as prosecutors widened the probe of a fire that killed 11 people and forced rescue of over 300 others.
2 Jan 2015

NEW YORK - Oil prices will keep falling short-term, according to analysts, undermining countries heavily reliant on oil income - where does Algeria sit? The effect of this decline is likely to weigh heavily on the North African OPEC member country’s economy and its social and political stability.

  For now, the Algerian authorities maintain that the country’s foreign exchange reserves can cushion any short-term shock. Yet, the memory of the 1980s oil glut – with its political and social consequences – still lingers in people’s minds.

1 Jan 2015

ROME– Samba-dancing executive Telma Viale’s bid to be FAO HR chief failed but the statuesque Salvadorean is spearheading a pricy headhunting firm the UN agency is using to recruit honchos, FAO sources say.

 Italian Insider reported in 2012 how striking Ms Viale was being groomed by FAO DG José Graziano da Silva to run the Human Resources department of the Rome-based agency but her bid for the job fizzled out amid concern over a video she produced on You tube that apparently climaxed with her stripping to the buff.

19 Dec 2014

ROME- The US Human rights group ADHRB has asked Pope Francis to halt construction of a cathedral on royal land in Bahrain which it says constitutes an illegal appropriation of public territory. 

18 Dec 2014
Hannah McIntyre

ROME – Italian President Giorgio Napolitano confirmed that he is “close to the end” of his time as head of state, suggesting the “imminent end of 2014” as a cut-off.

 The announcement Thursday was widely expected after Napolitano sparked speculation by saying earlier in the week that he is “committed” to maintaining “institutional continuity” during Italy’s presidency of the EU, which ends Dec 31.

18 Dec 2014