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ROME - Italy is the only country that is able to adopt children from Russia because it rejects same-sex marriages, a Kremlin official has said.
"It turns out that Italy is currently the only country whose citizens are able to adopt Russian children because, first of all, this country refused to recognise same-sex marriage," said Children's Rights Commissioner Pavel Astakhov.
"It is not our fault. (Other countries) should work harder," Mr Astakhov continued. 
2 Dec 2013
BOLOGNA - A group of leading researchers, businessmen, and environmental activists believes that Green Chemistry holds the key to creating a more sustainable planet.
The diverse group met at the sixth annual international EnergyThink conference at the University of Bologna on Wednesday. The conference, "Green Chemistry, a first step towards bioeconomy", was promoted by Eni, a leading oil producer, and the environmental organisation Legambiente. 
29 Nov 2013
asia guerreschi
MILAN - As millions of animals are tortured each year in the name of fashion, a young company has fought against animal cruelty by producing high-end, “vegan” handbags in Italy.
Jill Milan is one of the few luxury fashion brands that uses faux leather and products free of animal-derived materials to make its handbags. The company was founded in 2010 by Jill Fraser and Milan Lazich who were looking to create a brand which respected the environment and animal welfare.
29 Nov 2013
Gianfranco Nitti
ROME - “Slow tourism” is an increasingly popular way of travelling with attention to detail, and the relationship between this type of tourism and psychological and physical welfare was recently reviewed at a panel discussion in Rome.
25 Nov 2013
ROME  -  After the number of British citizens arrested for drug-related offences in Italy increased by 29 percent over the last year, the British Embassy in Rome has cautioned expatriates not to take risks with the law when abroad.
Hundreds of British citizens are arrested in foreign countries each year for drug crimes, and many remain locked up in prisons facing "distressing living conditions," a press release from the British Embassy in Rome states.
22 Nov 2013
steve jacobs
LONDON- Most financial advisers say that annuities are "failing consumers" and the nation's lack of faith in them will see more and more people turn to alternative "drawdown" income to fund their retirement. After years of retirees being offered miserly returns on their pensions by annuity providers, a survey of almost 700 financial advisers has revealed they too have grown disillusioned with the retirement products.
21 Nov 2013
ROME - If NATO troops leave Afghanistan when the ISAF mission ends in 2014, social progress will be set back by a decade and the country will turn into a second Iraq, Afghan MP Fawzia Koofi told Italian news agency ANSA.
21 Nov 2013
 ROME - After the head of the Camillian Order was arrested in Rome this month on kidnapping charges, a deeper scheme of alleged corruption became exposed, revealing corrupt construction contracts and risky investments in the crime-infested Campania region.
20 Nov 2013
ROME - The Eternal City was in movie fervour these past days -Scarlett Johansson ruled with Hunger Games superstars as popcorn-snacking film buffs occupied the Auditorium.
 The final screening at the Rome International Film Festival turned the fame of the event upside down for the last day. The artistic innovations of Hark Tsui, the Chinese director of The Rise of the Sea Dragon, literally turned the screen upside down as the actors leapt off walls and onto ceilings during the film’s fight scenes.
19 Nov 2013