ROME - "As long as we don't address issues of identity, the Middle East will never see stability," says Falah Mustafa Bakir, the head of the Kurdistan Department of Foreign Relations.
Minister Bakir discussed the long history of problems that the Kurdish people have faced and offered some hope about the future of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq while speaking at the Italian Society for International Organisation (SIOI) in Rome on Tuesday.
11 Dec 2013
asia guerreschi
ROME-The arrest of ecomafia don Cipriano "Garbage King" Chianese offers hope to the mob-ravaged “Land of Fires” area, Italy watchers say. Chianese, nicknamed the “King of Garbage”, is said be the major boss behind the “ecomafia” garbage-trafficking wing of the Casalesi clan of the Camorra. Police allege that he has trafficked illegal waste in the Naples area and has also extorted quotas and the management of the transportation company Mary Trans.
10 Dec 2013

ROME – Top executives at IFAD, the UN agriculture development bank, are jumping ship without paddles to escape the autocratic and flamboyant Nigerian Director General, Kanayo "Emperor" Nwanze, UN sources say.

  Carlos Sere, a Vice President and the Chief Development Strategist of the Rome-based International Fund for Agricultural Development, is the latest to quit, telling his staff as he walked out a month ago that Mr Nwanze has created “an insufferable environment” in which it had become impossible for him “or any upright professional to accept the dictates of the boss.”

9 Dec 2013

ROME – The FAO is cutting 50 more project or short term posts from its Global Resource Management system as Florentin Albu and rogue directors defy orders to redeploy axed staff, UN sources say.

 “GRMS was developed and deployed around the world at a cost of over dlrs 30 million,” a senior staffer at the Rome-based hunger-fighting UN agency commented. “Some of these people may be asked to return as consultants in the next year but without benefits such as pension contributions or health insurance.”

5 Dec 2013
ROME - The UK has joined Italy in the fight against organised crime, with the British Embassy in Rome having successfully translated into English an anti-racket guide for consumers.
The guide book, "A Guide for the Critical Anti-Racket Consumer", was initially published in Italian by the Italian Anti-Racket Federation in July, but it has now been translated into English by the British Embassy in Rome.
4 Dec 2013
ROME - Rome provides unlikely images and stories which have delighted travellers and resident observers for centuries -In his “Roma” (1972), Fellini was more the poet than the documentarist but he surely would delight in the juxtaposition of tourist tat on sale near the Vatican today; of another famous son of Fellini's Romagna with rather more sacred images.
4 Dec 2013
Insider reporters
ROME - Italy is the only country that is able to adopt children from Russia because it rejects same-sex marriages, a Kremlin official has said.
"It turns out that Italy is currently the only country whose citizens are able to adopt Russian children because, first of all, this country refused to recognise same-sex marriage," said Children's Rights Commissioner Pavel Astakhov.
"It is not our fault. (Other countries) should work harder," Mr Astakhov continued. 
2 Dec 2013
BOLOGNA - A group of leading researchers, businessmen, and environmental activists believes that Green Chemistry holds the key to creating a more sustainable planet.
The diverse group met at the sixth annual international EnergyThink conference at the University of Bologna on Wednesday. The conference, "Green Chemistry, a first step towards bioeconomy", was promoted by Eni, a leading oil producer, and the environmental organisation Legambiente. 
29 Nov 2013
asia guerreschi
MILAN - As millions of animals are tortured each year in the name of fashion, a young company has fought against animal cruelty by producing high-end, “vegan” handbags in Italy.
Jill Milan is one of the few luxury fashion brands that uses faux leather and products free of animal-derived materials to make its handbags. The company was founded in 2010 by Jill Fraser and Milan Lazich who were looking to create a brand which respected the environment and animal welfare.
29 Nov 2013