Desmond O'Grady

 FLORENCE -- Janet Ross was a major factor in drawing people’s attention to the Tuscan countryside rather than concentrating on Florence.

 She spent 60 years, until her death in 1927, living near Florence but probably her greatest influence was through her books on rural life and on Tuscan cooking –even though she owned up to “never having even boiled an egg.”  

17 Aug 2013

ROME– UN Food and Agriculture Organisation staff face swingeing job cuts by year end as Director General José Graziano da Silva slashes dlrs 37 million from the famine-fighting agency’s budget, FAO sources say.

14 Aug 2013

 NEW YORK-Algeria, a major oil-gas exporter with a young population of 37 million, is led by a 76-year-old who says he fought France --Abdelaziz Bouteflika represents a generation legitimising hegemony over the country on the basis of its valour in the 1962 independence war.

10 Aug 2013

SKOPJE -- When I mentioned to friends in Italy and the UK that I was coming to work in Macedonia, most had only the dimmest idea of the country, or even that it exists as an independent state. In fact, the former Yugoslav republic gained its independence from Belgrade in 1991 without a shot being fired.

7 Aug 2013
 ROME--Turkey's Bahçeşehir College has established a partnership with La Sapienza University advancing its intention to have 350 schools in three continents by 2023. Its educational and cultural centre in a Sapienza owned position in downtown Rome will be closely linked to Bahçeşehir University research center for civilizations and Turk-Vatican relations. "We aim to become one of the biggest educational institutions in the world," says Enver Yücel, chairman of the Board of  Bahcesehir Uğur Educational Institution.
6 Aug 2013

ROME-The supreme court handed Silvio Berlusconi a 4 year prison term for tax fraud but his political future evidently hangs on a new trial to determine how long he is banned from public office.

  Thursday night’s final appeal verdict at the Court of Cassation marks the first time the 76-year-old media magnate has been found guilty definitively in more than 17 trials he's been accused in over 20 years. He risks not just losing his hallowed status as “Cavaliere” but of being unable to recover from the political humiliation and stigma of having a criminal record.

2 Aug 2013
Torquil Dick-Erikson

ROME -The Corriere della Sera recently reported on “A European police force answerable to no Parliament” - the European Gendarmerie Force, an embryo EU paramilitary riot-police batallion, with 800 effectives stationed in Vicenza.  Their reporter interviewed its commanding officer, Dutchman Kornelis Kuijs, and divulged revelations by a source high in the ranks of the Italian Carabinieri.

31 Jul 2013

ROME – Controchiave, a cultural association in the San Paolo neighbourhood, is celebrating its 20th festival despite setbacks such as the death of a founder and a continuing struggle for funding.

 The organisation started somewhat unexpectedly in the aftermath of a play. A group of artists that had spent weeks putting on a show found that they wanted to continue working together, only to realise that the area in which they were based was totally lacking in cultural facilities.

29 Jul 2013

 ROME—Do you want to heal past trauma, overcome addictive behavior, and awaken to your true nature in a spiritually healing island paradise? Spend a week on the residential healing retreat "The Sacred Alchemy of the Heart" located on the volcanic Pantelleria Island in the Mediterranean and inspire a life of love, celebration and happiness.

26 Jul 2013