Insider reporters

MILAN — A Milan judge on Tuesday ordered Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi stand trial April 6 on charges of using an under age prostitute and abuse of office. The media mogul abruptly cancelled a news conference in Sicily and returned to Rome after the decision was announced.

15 Feb 2011
Caroline Prosser

ROME — Nearly 100 guests attended the Association of British Expats in Italy’s Annual Event and Luncheon on Saturday. Held in the historic Palazzo Brancaccio, the lunch was an occasion for British people to meet and exchange experiences of living in Italy.

Gareth Horsfall, the president, introduced the association and its aims as a non-profit, non-political, non-religious, cultural organisation. The association was launched last year to promote British and Italian culture, create friendship and strengthen relationships amongst the British community.  

15 Feb 2011
Amanda Hildebrand

ROME– Hundreds of thousands of women, and some men, took to the streets of the capital and other cities last week-end demanding the resignation of the Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi. Spurred by his recent sex scandals and a long record of itemizing women, feminist groups organised the protests to call attention to the negative portrayal of women in the media in addition to the objectification of women on behalf of Berlusconi.

14 Feb 2011

MATERA — Few people in this heart of southern Italy speak English, slow time is the rule, from 3 to 5 pm over late lunch, life seems to stop. Public transport is lacking. Long distances from airports are routine. But against these defects one must balance easy access to amazing natural scenery, blue sea and green hills, sharp mountains and thick woods. Medieval villages, precious ruins, sprawling vineyards, olive groves and delicious cuisine are included.

10 Feb 2011
Shelly Kittleson

ROME– Prisons have been opened, the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities damaged, the internet shut down, curfews imposed, and government buildings and police stations burned, with widely varying estimates of casualties. Food rations are scarce in Egypt but protestors are showing no sign of backing down.

10 Feb 2011
Philippa Malicka

ROME- The fashion pack were out in full force at the San Spirito in Sassia for the biannual Altaroma fashion festival which is now in its 18th edition. Altaroma is Italian for what the fashion savvy call Haute Couture, and for everyone else this means the most luxurious and extravagant method of dress making, the products of which are accompanied by a sizable price tag.

7 Feb 2011
Desmond O'Grady

ROME -Dante Alighieri is tantalising because he is just beyond reach. Parts of his life are well-documented but much that is important is hidden. Although Dante was celebrated in his last years, the first biography of him, by Giovanni Boccaccio, was written over three decades after his death.  Boccaccio was eight years old when Dante died in 1321. Much had already been lost when Boccaccio wrote — nothing handwritten by Dante has survived.

6 Feb 2011
Philippa Malicka

ROME- It’s not often that you get the opportunity to watch Julius Caesar in the Eternal City itself and so I jumped at the chance to observe, as a plebeian, the violent struggles of politicians past. The third play from Eternal Lines, Douglas Dean directed an atmospheric, fast-paced production which always reinforced the “rot” in the city of Rome.

3 Feb 2011
Philippa Malicka

ROME-Green economists from the U.K and Italy have met together for a one day seminar to discuss the challenges and solutions facing both countries in their efforts to build a sustainable future.

Speakers included Chris Dodwell, Head of Department for Energy and Climate Change’s (DECC) Mitigation Policy Unit, Corrado Clini, Director General of Italy’s Ministry of Environment, Matt Jackson from the FCO’s Low Carbon Transition Team and Francesco Starace, Chief Executive of ENEL Green Power.

2 Feb 2011