John Hooper’s The Italians is an introduction to contemporary Italy, aiming to reveal ‘what makes Italians tick.’

 With more than 30 years’ experience as a foreign correspondent and a similar study, The Spaniards (later revised), to his name, Hooper handles Italy’s muddle of contradictions to produce a fine read.

20 Feb 2015

New York- Despite President Bouteflika’s 2011 promise to reform the system and new laws on political parties and freedom of assembly, Algeria has apparently made no real progress on human rights.

18 Feb 2015

TURIN – More than one thousand taxi drivers took to the streets in protest against private app-based taxi companies. The protest involved drivers from all over Italy and moved from Piazza Arbarello to Piazza Castello where they protested outside the regional prefecture.

At the protest on Tuesday, taxi drivers called for for the legality of companies such as Uber to be clarified. Last week a landmark ruling by a judge in Genoa ruled in favour of an Uber driver and ordered that he be reinstated with his driving licence after it had been removed by the police.

18 Feb 2015

ROME – “More than 120 countries” reputedly endorse the re-election of the FAO director general but which nations officially support José Graziano da Silva remains a mystery, diplomatic sources say.

  “Under the leadership of Graziano da Silva FAO … is becoming ever more responsive, more present in the lives of countries around the world,” the Brazilian caudillo’s website crowed as the UN agency announced he will run unopposed for election to a second glorious term of office in June.

10 Feb 2015
Gianfranco Nitti

HELSINKI - After the preparations, announced last year, summarized in substance with the creation of a company issuing from the FCA group, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, registered in Finland following the decision to operate directly, rather than through an importer, in the Baltic country, Fiat has set up his base of operations in Vantaa, satellite city of Helsinki, in theTechnopolis business center.

7 Feb 2015
Hannah McIntyre

ROME– Elizabeth Macdonald’s electrifying read, A House of Cards, captures what many attempted before, the myriad contradictions that render Italy irresistible but infuriating to foreigners.

  A collection of short stories, each more troubling than the last, with A House of Cards Ms Macdonald takes Tuscany as her backdrop and portrays a handful of haunting scenes across its cobbled streets, the beauty and complexity of her landscapes breaking through the touristy surface.

6 Feb 2015

ROME - From Nazi enterprises to money laundering and profiteering, the new book, God’s Bankers, by Gerald Posner, claims to blow the lid off of the secretive world of Vatican Banking.

2 Feb 2015

ROME -, an online platform showcasing over 1300 events around Italy during the Expo Milan 2015 fair, set off a storm as it was unveiled by Culture Minister Dario Franceschini last week-end.

27 Jan 2015
Desmond O'Grady

 ROME - After I attended Modern Art Biennales in Venice I would go the nearby building of San Giorgio degli Schiavoni to refresh my eyes with Vittore Carpaccio’s cycle of paintings. Their light- filled scenes of rich colour were a tonic after the wilder shores of ugliness at the Biennale.

25 Jan 2015