Hannah Cairns

ROME – The English Theatre of Rome does justice to Bryony Lavery’s script, producing an unnerving exploration of the human condition.

Frozen charts the lives of two characters following the disappearance of a young girl: that of her mother and that of her abductor. A third character, a psychiatrist, neatly ties into a thought-provoking tale tackling themes of loss, love and forgiveness.

3 May 2015

MILAN- Expo 2015 special commissar Giuseppe Sala and Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi inaugurated the universal exposition Friday, calling it “a synergy of Italian efforts, bravery and hard work.” Renzi vowed to supporters “we won’t give up” as police and Black Bloc protesters clashed in the business capital.

 Renzi said “Many people have been criticising us during the working period, but we have always believed in the project, so we did it and we made it.”

1 May 2015

ROME - The United Kingdom’s offering for Expo 2015 comes in the form of an impressive pavilion dedicated to the theme ‘Grown in Britain & Northern Ireland.’ The construction has been developed around the concept of a traditional beehive.

29 Apr 2015
Hannah Cairns

ROME - an innovative, user-friendly app lets users discover a vibrant, alternative side to the Italian capital, away from the classic postcard images.

29 Apr 2015
Desmond O'Grady

ROME - Alice Munro seems like Georgia, the protagonist of her story ‘Differently’ who took a creative writing course.  Her instructor told Georgia there was just too much in her stories: ‘too many things going on at the same time, also too many people’.  She pruned the next stories she submitted to him and was praised but told her instructor she had left out too much.  He told her she expected too much of herself and the process.

29 Apr 2015
Gianfranco Nitti

Rome -- Laura Boldrini, the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, opened on Thursday the photo exhibition "Room with a view, a Foreign Press look at the true Italy”, curated by Christopher Warde-Jones at the headquarters of the Foreign Press Association, in Rome.

24 Apr 2015
Insider reporters
 SAO PAOLO, Brazil - Bankrolling Jose Graziano da Silva's pending re-election to the FAO has drained Brazil's funds for dues owing to other UN agencies, meaning it has lost its right to vote at the International Atomic energy agency and the International Court and stands to lose voting rights at UNESCO next month also, diplomatic sources said Friday.
17 Apr 2015

ROME - At a hearing conducted by the International Labour Organization, the Rome-based UN agency IFAD was ordered to pay material damages amounting to a year’s salary, to complainants who had seen their jobs abolished without due notice.

15 Apr 2015

Rome - Lecce could be the location for Italy’s first Islamic University, with current plans aiming to begin teaching for a small number of theology students from October. Despite facing a number of obstacles, the goal is to open the university complex within three years, according to local press.

13 Apr 2015