ROME–FAO Director General José Graziano da Silva wants a sharp spending increase in the 2014-2015 budget -- the agency denies the hike is intended to facilitate his re-election.

5 Jun 2013
Torquil Dick-Erikson

ROME-- Recently the Corriere della Sera carried two full pages and an editorial debating whether Britain will leave the EU -For many years this was unthinkable. Yet on May 2, in local elections across the country, UKIP, a party whose chief aim is to take Britain out of the EU, won one quarter of the total vote.

4 Jun 2013

 LILONGE, Malawi- My trip to Mwaya Beach took nine hours on a perilously crowded bus across narrow bridges spanning crocodile-peppered waters - of the 100 in the vehicle I was the only white person.

3 Jun 2013

 VENICE-A cocktail at Ca’ Giustinian, dinner with Massimiliano Gioni and Cecilia Alemani and riding a vaporetto with Luigi Ontani were highlights of the 55thVenice Biennale preview.

2 Jun 2013
John Phillips

 BRUSSELS-Britain will ask the European Council to end Italy's discrimination against UK lecturers in universities if bilateral talks fail, Europe Minister David Lidington told MP Mark Lazarowicz. 

30 May 2013
Natalie Lyubomirsky

ROME-- With its inception eight years ago Micca Club is proving to be a strong contender on the Roman night life scene. With its passion to provide alternative forms of entertainment that is deeply infused with Miccas’ unique style, the club is offering an escape to better times, an era of swing, burlesque and cabaret.

28 May 2013
Stephen Iacovou

LONDON-- With major global markets at five and a half year highs, and the FTSE 100 at its best for 13-years, investors and the rest of us are left wondering whether this new level of economic growth is real, or if we are creating a bubble on the way to another 2008-style crash.

26 May 2013
John Phillips

ROME--As a young reporter in Lebanon, Richard Beeston faced down an execution squad and at one point found himself given honorary command of a company of Muslim militiamen. He gave Terry Waite pause for thought by claiming that hungry journalists were planning to eat the Anglican emissary.

20 May 2013
Natalie Lyubomirsky

ROME-- A cultural melting-pot of the east, Izmir has been the inspiration for poets, the desire of conquering empires and the final settlement for some of history’s most iconic figures. Called “Beautiful Izmir”, it is considered the pearl of the Aegean and is currently a strong contender for the 2020 world expo.

20 May 2013