ROME - Technology company Leonardo announced the sale of five helicopters valued at nearly 30 million euros while at the Latin American Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition (LABACE), held August 13-15 in São Paulo, Brazil.

 Three AW109 Trekker light twins, one AW109 GrandNew and one AW169 intermediate twins will join other 170 Leonardo helicopters flying in Brazil and over 220 units in South America, expanding the 40% market share that global leader Leonardo enjoys in the in the VIP multiengine segment.

16 Aug 2019

ROME - The parents of Italian PhD student Giulio Regeni, who was kidnapped, tortured and murdered in Egypt in 2016, launched Monday an online petition demanding that Italian Ambassador to Cairo Gianpaolo Cantini immediately return to Italy.

 Cantini had left Egypt following Regeni’s brutal death, but has been back to his post in Cairo for two years.

13 Aug 2019
ROME -- FAO Human Resources Director Fernando Servan, dubbed a 'sex predator' by NGO Hear their Cries, was fired last week after being suspended following a probe into alleged sexual harassment, abuse of power and corruption, FAO sources said Saturday.
 Peruvian Servan, who began his career in Rome as a cab driver and went on to be head of publications at FAO before being appointed HR supremo by Brazilian FAO DG José Graziano da Silva, was dismissed on Thursday, the sources told the Insider.
10 Aug 2019

ROME – The Public Prosecutor’s Office in Rome is wrapping up its investigation against a Vatican clergyman accused of sexual abuse against young altar boys. 

 Former seminarian, now priest, Don Gabriele Martinelli, is accused of sexual violence with aggravating circumstances for acts taking place inside the Vatican.

 At the time of the alleged crimes, dating back to 2012, he was said to have abused his position of higher authority, forcing himself on the boys.

 The victims were then aged 13 and 15, while the alleged offender was 21.

9 Aug 2019
Gianfranco Nitti

 GENEVA – Protecting and restoring forests and urgently revamping the global food system through dietary change are the key solutions to the escalating land and climate crisis, an authoritative UN report has found.

 The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report reveals that since the pre-industrial period the temperature over land has already increased 1.53°C compared with the global average of a 0.87°C increase, taking into account air above ocean and land. The temperature rise is impacting food security and driving desertification and land degradation.

9 Aug 2019

 ROME The United Nations World Food Programme welcomes important, positive steps taken by the Sana’a-based authorities on safeguards to ensure humanitarian food assistance reaches the most vulnerable children, women and men in areas of Yemen under their control.

 A document signed with the Sana’a-based authorities on August 3, 2019 and the subsequently signed technical annexes will allow WFP to work to establish an independent and accountable process to identify and register families who most need life-saving food assistance. 

9 Aug 2019
John Phillips

 ROME -– Italy was plunged into political crisis Friday after League leader and deputy prime Matteo Salvini called for an early general election when his Five Star Party coalition partner failed to meet a demand that the League receive three more ministerial positions in the government of Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

9 Aug 2019

 ROME – Amid the standoff between Italian, Maltese and Spanish authorities that has left 121 migrants stranded at sea in searing temperatures, Amnesty International is calling for Italy and Malta to open their ports.

 More than 30 children, including two babies, and almost 90 men and women are stranded on the overcrowded Proactiva Open Arms NGO ship, located around 30 nautical miles from Italy, between Malta and Lampedusa.

8 Aug 2019
Desmond O'Grady

 ROME - Italian literature has often been enriched by writers of the north-eastern frontier region where Italian, Germanic and Slavic cultures mingle. The best - known is Italo Svevo (the pen name of Ettore Schmitz) who combined Germanic and Italian influences. An interesting contemporary example is Paolo Maurensig of a Slovenian family which suffered Fascist attempts to eradicate their ethnic identity. Maurensig, instead, combines the two cultural identities – he writes in Italian but sets much of his fiction in central European locations. 

8 Aug 2019